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Genesis Homes’ ‘Bainbridge’ Model and its Off-Site Construction Process Dazzle Viewers at the International Builders’ Show

Fully constructed on the convention show floor in less than six days, Genesis Homes’ Bainbridge targets baby boomers with ‘smart,’ clean, energy efficient and green technology

Atlanta, GA, February 8, 2002 – Genesis Homes, the country’s only nationwide builder of modular homes, debuted its newest and most innovative home to builders and developers attending the National Association of Homebuilders’ International Builders’ Show today in Atlanta.  To educate attendees about its off-site construction process and its ability to build innovative homes fast and efficiently, Genesis debuted the home as the only fully-constructed home on the show floor — constructed, finished and fully decorated in less than six days.   Features of the home include advanced technologies and ‘smart’ house features, a design and amenities targeted specifically to baby boomers, and off-site construction techniques that can lead to big savings for homebuyers and increased profits for builders. 

“We are thrilled to showcase this innovative and high-performance home because it is an excellent demonstration of our design and construction capabilities as well as our market knowledge,” said Mick Barker, president of Genesis Homes. “As a modular home, the Bainbridge proves that modular is a truly a smart choice for home buyers who want more home for their money, faster — within 90 days, rather than nine to twelve months.”

 The 2,595 square foot “Bainbridge” was constructed off-site, for maximum efficiency and quality, and was designed for the baby boomer trade-up and scale-down homebuyers’ markets.  Attentive to the group’s ordinary and extraordinary lifestyle needs, the Bainbridge features a flexible floor plan, a high tech home theater and personal fitness center, and fully integrated home systems capable of expanding with rapid changes in technology.  Genesis designers intend for these and other amenities to enhance the baby boomer generation’s ever-changing, energetic, health-conscious and high-tech lifestyle. 

 “From design, through construction and finish, the Bainbridge is a high-performance home that will simplify its owners’ lives and reflect their personality,” said Barker.  “That is one of the many ways we help our builder and developer partners — by helping them give their customers what they want, when they want it.”

Genesis Homes’ Bainbridge model is ‘smart’, clean, energy efficient and green,’ to help meet the demands of today’s homebuyers.  Its technologies offer many benefits including:

·         The ability to control all home systems from any Internet-enabled computer

·         Lower heating and cooling costs

·         Increased personal comfort

·         Improved air and water quality

·         Reduced environmental impact

Aesthetically dramatic, the Bainbridge also features nine-foot ceilings, except in the great room, where a 15-foot ceiling includes the architectural interest of multiple cross beams.  The home’s flexible floor plan can be easily adapted to accommodate either a teenager or an in-law suite, and it additionally offers unique amenities like a juice bar and a personal valet — for home dry cleaning. 

Genesis sells its homes through builder and developer partners interested in lowering construction costs, increasing construction efficiency and increasing profits.  Genesis Homes’ Bainbridge will allow those partners to offer significant savings on a well appointed home that enhances the quality of life of its owners. 

Builders working with Genesis Homes benefit from reduced costs associated with materials, overhead and labor, and can maximize their potential for profits with a faster build-sell cycle than they would experience site-building. Genesis Homes also gives them an opportunity to benefit from construction efficiencies that result in increased structural integrity and superior quality control.  Its ultimate goal is to serve as a value-added partner making it easier for small to mid-sized builders to succeed in a competitive environment.

The Bainbridge and other Genesis Homes are available throughout the US through 11 strategically located off-site construction facilities.  Regional sales contacts can be found by calling (877) 523-2181.   


About Genesis Homes
Genesis Homes, a member of the Champion Enterprises’ family of homebuilders, is headquartered in Auburn Hills, MI.  Genesis operates 11 off-site construction facilities strategically located to serve builders and developers nationwide.

Those not in attendance at the 2002 International Builders’ Show can view Genesis Homes’ exhibit through a real-time, virtual display, available from

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