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Genesis Modular Selected for Rapid Building of Large, Multi-Family Housing Development in Ogden, Kansas

Influx of Military Personnel Creating Pent- Up Demand for Off-Post Housing

TROY, Mich., April 14, 2008 - Genesis Homes, a member of the Champion family of builders, today announced that its homes were selected to rapidly build the first phase of a large multi-family town home and master planned community in Ogden, Kan.  The project will help ease the pent-up demand for affordable off-post housing created by the many troops transferring and returning to Fort Riley Army base located there.

“With Genesis modular construction, we are able to save 25 to 30 percent over the time typically required for site-built construction,” said Jack Irons, project development and finance manager of RIM Development, the project developer. “The schedule savings due to use of Genesis modular construction gave us time to focus on the project’s marketing and development to ensure its future success.”

Ogden, Kan., is currently growing at an unprecedented pace, due to recommendations made by the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC) to consolidate bases.  Fort Riley workforce growth has quickly increased from 11,800 in September 2005 before BRAC, to 17,800 in February 2008, and is expected to top out at more than 20,000 by September 2009, according to a report presented by Fort Riley at a community partnership conference Feb. 11, 2008. Multi-Family Modular Housing

As such, off-post housing like River Trail Development, which falls within the budgeted rental amount set for military personnel, is in great demand. Located just outside the east gate of Fort Riley, River Trail began renting units in December 2007 and already has a six-month waiting list.

During Phase I of the River Trail Project, Genesis Homes in York, Neb. is building, delivering and installing a total of 318 town home units by September 2008. The modular units are built within five to seven days at the manufacturing facility and transported to the River Trail building sites where they are craned and secured onto previously poured foundations. Built to the same local building codes as site built construction, units arrive with interior flooring, plumbing, electrical and fixtures in place.  Genesis then seals the units and completes everything from the top of the foundation up, installing such exterior components as roof shingles, siding, exterior lighting, and paint. 

“Within 41 days, we were able to have the first 18 living units completed with a certificate of occupancy and ready to rent,” said Kevin Lockhart, sales manager of the Genesis Homes, York, Neb. manufacturing facility. “And our build pace will increase to an approximate rate of one living unit per day as we begin to produce buildings containing more living units in each. With 3,000 additional troops anticipated here in the coming months, this is key.”

Genesis by Champion is building, delivering and installing a variety of multi-family buildings during the first phase which will include six-plex, nine-plex, and 30-unit buildings.  The entire master planned community is expected to be completed in three years.

“We wanted to be on the front end of the development opportunity here in Ogden, and with Genesis modular construction, we are,” concluded Irons. 

About the Modular Building Process
A modular constructed home or unit is one in which approximately 80 percent of the construction process takes place in a factory-controlled environment, but which is built with the same materials and to the same building codes that govern site-buildt construction.  Increasingly, multi-family builders and developers are turning to the Genesis by Champion modular building process because it is:

Neighborhood-Friendly – Since most of the homes’ construction occurs off-site, there is less impact on the local environment as construction and delivery traffic is dramatically reduced.
High Quality –The material used to construct the modular home is stored under roof, eliminating weather-related damaged materials inherent in the traditional building process.
Environmentally-Friendly – The modular homes are environmentally-friendly due to their energy efficiency, minimal construction-site impact, and waste recycling efforts at the manufacturing plant. 
Quick – There is a shorter lead time between order and delivery of a modular home (weeks) than with site-built construction (months or years). 
A Solution to Labor Shortage Issues – The modular homes can be set on foundations in a day by a limited number of workers, with finish work quickly completed by a small crew.
Energy Saving –Entire walls, floors and ceilings are constructed as large units or panels, resulting in fewer seams and gaps which reduces air infiltration. 

About Genesis
Genesis Homes is a member of the Champion family of builders.  Troy, Michigan-based Champion, a leader in factory-built construction and the nation’s largest builder of modular homes, operates 33 manufacturing facilities in North America and the United Kingdom working with independent retailers, builders and developers.  The Champion family of builders produces manufactured and modular homes, as well as modular buildings for government and commercial applications.  For more information, please visit

Christine Fisher, for Champion
248-335-9500 x 30

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