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Multi-Family» Apartments

Modular Apartments


Why Modular?

  • Speed
  • Quality Control
  • Profitability
  • Green Construction Practice

Why Genesis?

  • Member of the Largest Modular Builder in North America
  • 55 Years of Construction Experience
  • Strategically located Manufacturing Centers
  • Products Backed by Large International Company

Genesis can help you build better, more cost-efficient apartments faster because we have the technical expertise and financial resources to apply modular construction to building multi-story units, including large-scale apartment projects.

When applied to apartment construction, the efficient Genesis modular construction process also creates rental revenue quicker because units go up and fill faster. In fact, the Genesis modular approach to building apartments has been popular for a number of years in Europe where time- and cost-conscious developers often choose modular construction.

In North America, we can help build a wide variety of popular apartment styles, including flats, walkup units and garden apartments –  in one-, two-, three- and four-story buildings. Genesis modular is also an ideal solution for builders and developers that utilize tax credit programs to build high quality, affordable apartments.