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Multi-Family Modular Homes


Why Modular?

  • Speed
  • Quality Control
  • Profitability
  • Green Construction Practice

Why Genesis?

  • Member of the Largest Modular Builder in North America
  • 55 Years of Construction Experience
  • Strategically located Manufacturing Centers
  • Products Backed by Large International Company

The opportunities created by Genesis modular construction are not just limited to single-family homes. When it comes to multi-family homes, it’s often a case of “the larger the project, the greater the benefit from modular.” This includes townhomes, apartments and condominiums that can be built for urban infill, large developments, rural settings or restricted building zones.

Importantly, Genesis Modular offers a higher degree of cost and quality control for large projects as well as tighter project scheduling and module installation. So no matter where you build – from the Northeast to the Southwest or anywhere in between - Genesis modular construction can help make the construction of your multi-family project quicker, more efficient and more profitable.

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