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Multi-Family» Mixed-Use

Kevin Weckman - Notre Dame School of Architecture

Mixed-Use Modular Buildings


Why Modular?

  • Speed
  • Quality Control
  • Profitability
  • Green Construction Practice

Why Genesis?

  • Member of the Largest Modular Builder in North America
  • 55 Years of Construction Experience
  • Strategically located Manufacturing Centers
  • Products Backed by Large International Company

Genesis modular construction can be integrated with traditional construction to simplify the construction of a wide variety of mixed-use buildings. Finished modules can be placed on top of a site-constructed podium, which separates the residential component of the building from retail, parking, or office use. In this manner, project schedules can be dramatically accelerated and costs for the residential component of the building can be contained.

This growing application of modular construction is being led by Genesis’s partnership with the University of Notre Dame’s School of Architecture through the creation of the Center for Building Communities (CBC). The focus of the CBC is to develop creative applications for modular construction in urban renewal environments.