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Multi-Family» Townhomes

Modular Townhomes


Why Modular?

  • Speed
  • Quality Control
  • Profitability
  • Green Construction Practice

Why Genesis?

  • Member of the Largest Modular Builder in North America
  • 55 Years of Construction Experience
  • Strategically located Manufacturing Centers
  • Products Backed by Large International Company

When it comes to townhomes, Genesis can help you build better, more profitable units faster while helping you make them an overall better value for consumers.

For builders, the modular process lessens the number of units under construction at any given time, which can significantly reduce financial risks. A shorter project window also makes it possible to market and sell units individually and quickly.

To ensure customers are also happy, we offer a range of plans and styles to choose from and can help build architecturally unique or appropriate solutions on restricted sites when necessary. With Genesis modular, their new homes will go up faster and homebuyers will love the fact that their townhomes are more energy efficient and quiet compared to traditional builds.