Build Better. Build Faster.®

Genesis homes are precision built in
climate-controlled environments,
subjected to rigorous quality
inspections, and are approximately
80% complete when they arrive
at your jobsite. That means you
can focus on what actually creates
revenues - delivering completed
homes to customers.

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Where is Modular Working Near You?

Modular Construction Projects

When you build with Genesis, you're not only working with a large modular builder, you're working with a truly national modular builder.

Read about successful projects across the country.
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Modular Construction Leads Urban Revitalization (Milwaukee, WI)
Champion Home Builders of Indiana modular building system enabled the rapid completion of 12 duplexes (24 units) from start to finish in only 4 1/2 months for the entire project.

Modular Construction Used for Retail Office (Durango, Colorado)
Innovative Housing Solutions chose Genesis Homes of York to design and build a retail office building that would meet the architectural standards of a mountaintop community.

Modular Construction Facilitates Food and Fuel (Mt. Pleasant, Iowa)
The modular process meets strict franchise design requirements, and saves the customer a lot of time and money.

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Real World Applications

Mixed-Use Modular Application

Innovative Application of Modular Construction for Residential-Over-   Retail Building

Genesis worked with developer, architect and general contractor to create a design and scope of work that allowed for project timetable to exceed expectations.

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Kevin Weckman - Notre Dame School of Architecture

Architecture Students Integrate  Modular Designs Into Housing Projects

Champion supports design studios affiliated with the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture’s Center for Building Communities (CBC).

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Multi-Family Modular Housing

Multi-Family Modular Housing
Success Story

This successful 324 unit development represents the first application of modular construction for military privatization projects.

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