About Genesis Homes

Genesis Homes is proud to offer our builder and developer clients an efficient solution to their home construction supply needs.

Genesis is a solutions-driven, builder/developer-catered home builder dedicated to providing excellence at every level.

As the demand for new housing continues to climb, our ability to manufacture high-quality, affordable homes in a timely manner offers a unique value to developers and homebuyers alike. We believe the homebuying process should be a streamlined, personal experience that makes our resources work for developers and their customers. Since 1953, we have sought to not only exceed high standards of factory-built homes, but also execute efficiently where it matters. Our collaborative approach sets us apart in the industry.

In an otherwise stressful housing climate, our team is focused on making the dream of home ownership seamless for everyone. In an industry facing frustrating shortages, we provide labor, materials and the marketing plan to meet your bottom line.

We are proud to offer developers an expedited return on their capital investment.

Concurrent lot development and home production ensures that dreams of homeownership are not lost to frustration and impatience but are promptly transformed into reality. The Champion Homes family is excited for Genesis to lead the way in transforming the community development and homeownership experience.

Builders and Developers who #ChooseGenesis are able to leverage the perks of our innovative factories, where we're optimizing construction technology, maximizing human innovation, cutting costs and reducing waste as well as our service offerings. We have everything in place to build you a quality product so you can provide that same quality to your buyers.