The Genesis Process

Genesis Homes uses a 6-step process that ensures your customers get the dream home they’ve been looking for.

Genesis Homes 6-step process to get your project to market

We provide high quality manufactured homes for builders and subdivision developers. Our 6-step process ensures that your customers get the dream home they’ve been looking for.

Need Definition

When you decide to build a new home development, Genesis Homes is the perfect choice. Our process begins with a need definition, where we understand your specific project needs, determine style, define a timeline, and assign you to your factory contact.

Factory Engagement

The next step is factory engagement and during this step, your assigned manufacturing facility assists in floor plan selections, establishes the décor and finishes, reviews costs and production timeline scheduling.

Site Prep

You’ll get the land ready for the home to be delivered. This includes clearing, grading, site access, utility preparations, grading the land, prepping the foundation, creating a path for delivery and finally coordinating arrival and unit placement details with your designated manufacturing facility — leaving us 70% complete!

We work while you work. The site-prep procedure is nearly identical to that of the traditional site-built process, with one important, time saving distinction; we will be building your homes while you are preparing your jobsite.


Delivery and installation will be soon to follow. Because our home construction timeline is concurrent with your site preparation, our homes typically can be delivered as soon as you can have the site ready. Arranging delivery is as simple as communicating with the transportation coordinator at your assigned manufacturing center. Once the house arrives onsite, your local installation contractor will take delivery of your home sections and set them.

Close Up

Close up is bringing the modules together and finishing the interior and exterior detailing in a functional and efficient way.

Final finish

Once your home sections are delivered, dried in, and secured, your trade contractors take over to bring your home the last mile to completion. Most of the final steps are similar to those found in the typical construction process, including interior finish, exterior work, punch work, utility connect, and landscaping.