Affordable Home Building

Save 13% or more on construction costs with the Genesis process.

Save 13% or more with Genesis Homes

Costly delays waiting for site inspections are avoided since most of the construction inspection process takes place in a controlled manufacturing facility. Our innovative construction techniques generate a fraction of the site waste associated with traditional construction. The net result is you will see immediate savings in trash and material removal expenses.

Genesis Homes - affordable home building process

Durability at an Affordable Price

Our homes are built with the same durable materials as site-built homes, but at a lower price per square foot—averaging $125 compared to $144 for site-built homes. That adds up to 12.5% savings on the cost of your home!

Quality Craftsmanship

Genesis Homes is built by skilled craftspeople on an assembly line, ensuring the highest quality materials and construction standards in every home we build.

Customize Your Home

Personalize your floor plans and design with our wide range of options and features so you can get exactly what your customers will want without breaking your budget.

Traditional Financing

Our homes qualify for traditional financing options so your buyers won’t have to worry about expensive loan terms—just simple, straightforward financing that fits perfectly into their budget.