The Future of Home

Find out how Genesis Homes is leading the way to the future of housing construction.

We feel it too - this imminent housing crisis in our country. Across every generation and in all 50 states. In rural hometowns and dense urban cities, millions of us are living with the plaguing effects of housing shortages and sky-rocketing mortgages and rents. We know we're in this together.

Genesis Homes is part of the Champion Home Builders family of brands which employs 7,000 trade professionals, designers and engineers. We all understand the current state of housing, and we know we’re not the entire solution. We work proudly alongside conventional builders and our community of modular and manufactured builders because the future of housing doesn't belong to just one of us.

Inside 40 factories across the country, we construct modern, efficient homes to fit your life and values - on your timeline and within your budget. From small, minimalist units to larger spaces for growing families, we design homes to meet the needs of your customers.

By deploying integrated smart technology, construction innovation and energy and material efficiency, we're manufacturing housing solutions for every generation, in every state across our country.

In tackling our housing affordability crisis, we know we're not the only answer, but we hope to be your answer. Let’s build the American dream together.